Fuerza Bruta. Look Up!

We are so thankful to Ensogo for releasing discounted tickets for Fuerza Bruta. Without the discounts, my friends and I would not be able to experience this out of the box show. And it was indeed, an out of this world experience. A bit short but the music was so good and scenes are worthy of WTF / awwwwww / ooooohhhh moments that the Php1,450 cost per head will do. Anyway, as I mentioned on my Facebook wall, it’s really hard to describe this show. You need to experience it for yourself in order to fully appreciate it.

More photos here.

Seven Reasons to Make Memphis Your New Home

If you are contemplating a move to Memphis, or you are being transferred there as part of your professional job, you’ll be amazed by how wonderful this Southern city truly is. Here are seven reasons that you’ll love making Memphis your new home.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Memphis is very attractive. For instance, the cost of apartments in Memphis TN is lower than in many cities in the United States. Therefore it makes living in an apartment in Memphis, TN or surrounding areas easier on a family’s income. This lower housing cost also leaves funds that are available for some of the area’s great activities. Read more

Snapshots from Everyday

Day to day photographs are one of my favorites. They always capture who my kids are and they are perfect for photo journaling. You could easily see them grow up through pictures, month by month, year by year. Browsing through them never fails to fill me with different emotions. Which reminds me, I need to start making some photo books asap.

Here are some that I’ve taken months ago, thanks to iPhone.

Sandy and Music

Look who’s learning how to play this summer? (I hope!)

We were supposed to just check the JBL Pro Audio sale but when the Husband saw the guitars, he just had this inexplicable desire to buy one for Sandy. I told him to ask her 10 or 20x if she really wants to learn. Although Sandy answered yes to all of his questions, I was still not convinced. Anyway, we went ahead and got her this one. It wasn’t as affordable as I was expecting, making me anxious even more if she’ll like it. But thankfully, she did. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll spend summer learning four chords at least before giving up. Her weakness is her lack of patience, really. Which is unfortunate because I know she can be good at something if she works hard at it.

Ex Deals

I know I said I’m a Mac convert but I’m accepting an Asus Eee Pad Transformer as a form of payment for a full website design. I really love how it can transform from a Pad to a laptop to increase battery time and have access to a QWERTY keyboard. I never played with an Android before so I’m pretty excited about it being able to load Flash. Having said that, I’m also accepting iPad2/3 even second hand for simple website re-designs. ;) Seriously.

Dreaming of Batanes

Oh, Batanes. I wonder when we’ll get to see you.

photo by jeffwathere.com

photo by angelinefilipino.wordpress.com

photo by flickr.com/photos/buboy1

Online Jewelry- Pearls!

The internet…well it’s not the most reliable in some cases, especially when it comes to jewelry. Then once a good reliable place comes along with quality items the prices are outrageous. So let’s say I want to buy good quality, low priced pearls online, well I search about 100 different sites to come across maybe 4 or 5 that I am satisfied with. This is a lot of work. However, since I do love pearls, natural or cultured the prices always vary, but I think the middle man mark up is always hard to see what it too much. So, when looking for any type of jewelry online, be careful and trust your gut, allow yourself to think that high dollar doesn’t always mean the best quality. Read more

Know Your Rights as an Accident Victim

People who are involved in accidents have their lives changed forever. If the injuries are permanent, the victim may never be able to work again and will have to seek public assistance to survive. As much as people would like to believe that insurance companies and government agencies are sympathetic to accident victims, the truth is that an accident victim needs to have good legal representation to preserve his rights and get the benefits he is entitled to.

Medical Coverage

Your primary concern after an accident is making sure you get the proper medical coverage. When you hire a New York injury attorney, for example, the first thing the attorney will do is try to establish liability for the accident. This will ensure that the proper insurance company gets charged for your care in the hospital and any ongoing care you may need after you are released. Read more

Porch Swings

I just love these wicker swings. When we have our own home, I’ll definitely have one on our porch. It’s a great place for reading books, spending time with the kids, watching the stars and just plain sitting, doing nothing at all.

All my dream homes have porches, white picket fences and big grassy area. If I can’t have the garden, then I’ll be content in having a small porch.

Instagram Update With The Beybes

I know Sandy looks like her Papa but doesn’t she pose just like moi? I am still a big fan of this girl! She’s one passionate little lady, I can tell. Whether it’s singing, dancing, acting (oh my, what a drama Queen!) or drawing, I could see how much she loves doing them. She gets inspired a lot and she couldn’t wait to do her own thing once her creative juices started flowing.

Meg is getting bigger each day while her Ate Sandy is … (pause so I can cry) just growing up too fast! Look at them below. I still remember carrying them with one arm as they breastfeed non-stop. Meg still does that btw but look at her big legs and long arms! She’s not a baby anymore. Soon, we’ll have a 2-yr-old who doesn’t want to be carried at all.

Meg and I love my iPhone’s front camera. Isn’t it obvious?

Seriously, she loves pressing the camera button herself which is why I often find pictures of her on my camera roll. They are always wonderful – round, chubby face with big grins and huge, sometimes china eyes from smiling too much.

What a cutie! She’s not only adorable in photos but in person too. She’s far from sweet but she’s one funny toddler you wouldn’t be able to help but forget your troubles when you’re hanging out with her.

More updates soon!

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