Bathtime for Everyone

Every bath time is a struggle. She wants no one but mommy to shampoo her hair. Then while you’re scrubbing her grubby arms and legs, she’ll try to impress you by rolling and kicking and screaming.

It’s definitely one of my not-so-favorite time of day. But she seems to love the attention and the water splashing around the newly waxed floor, so I guess I can learn to love it too.

Just look at those chubby arms and oh-so-trusting face. When she grows up, she won’t even remember how she loves messing up our room. She’ll probably spend all of her time outside with her friends and boyfriends. Until then, she IS my baby and she can make a mess whenever, wherever she likes.


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  1. Bathtime Kids on August 3rd, 2009

    Yet another fab post. Your blog is great. I love coming here to catch your latest ramblings.

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