Happy Birthday Sandy!

My mom and I went to Market Market to buy more toys to be given away this Saturday, Sandy’s birthday party. I planned on buying a real birthday cake complete with themed decors but wasn’t able to find a bakeshop that are willing to do it in a couple of hours. We ended up buying a rectangle black forest cake and put some wooden letters to spell Sandy. I also borrowed her Barney stuffed toy and placed it on top, LOL.

Mom and I went home around 6PM and I felt so guilty that I spent the day without Sandy. She was waiting for me at home and didn’t even took a nap. I tried to nurse her so she can get some sleep before our small party but she was so excited that she couldn’t concentrate on her feeding. My mom and yaya Shel were blowing the balloons inside our room and she wanted to “help” them.

Around 7PM, Sherwin arrived and we started putting up some birthday banners in the dining room. Sandy loved everything! She’s very easy to please. Even the cake with the borrowed Barney on top! She also received her first gift from Tito Ralph and Tita Karen, a bigger version of Barney stuffed toy.

Here are some of her photos.

Blowing the candle

Just posing

Posing with Lola and Grandma

Eating and playing with Barney

Sandy was so excited last night that she could’t sleep. I was a bit concerned because she felt a little hot before we went to sleep so we gave her a cold sponge bath. When I checked on her again in the middle of the night, her temperature was 39 degrees! I got really scared because she never gets sick and dengue fever is so rampant these days. Sherwin told me to wake her up so we can give her Tempra and another sponge bath. She was smiling and saying hi while we were fussing with her. Her fever subsided and she remained alert and playful then eventually fell asleep.


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  1. Electric Gates on October 30th, 2008

    Really great post…you have a very cute baby…I look forward to more photos of her on her next birthday.

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