Sandy’s November Update

Loves to pray. Kahit anong uri ng rebulto dinadasalan nya hehe. Magagalit pa yan pag di mo sya sinabayan mag-sign of the cross.

Is getting better at walking. Hurray! Wala naman tigil ngayon. I’m having a hard time nursing her because she wants to stop in the middle of her feeding just so
she can get out of the bed and play on the floor.

Lovess attention. Hindi pwedeng walang nanonood pag may ginagawa siya. She calls mama and papa every 5 seconds and we have to stop whatever we’re doing just so we can see her play doctor doctor, put on a makeshift bracelet, clean her nose, take a bath, etc.

Loves to play ball. Puts her pillow on top of her head

Screams/squeals a lot. It’s really funny (most of the time)

Calls her papa whenever she sees someone playing basketball, football, billiards on TV then raises her arms to squeal and cheer. Kaaliw!

Knows how to put her baby Ha (doll) to sleep by rocking her and singing to her

Sings alleluiah with arms raised.

Talks to someone on the phone. Kawawa nga kausap nya kasi lagi siyang sumisigaw. “Hewo? Haaaa? Burugudunstuytugudunstuy!”

Babbles a LOT.
de – no
dede – milk
hewo – hello
baba -down
momo-no more
la- wala
lolo cesa – lolo cesar
nana – ninang
nono – ninong

And last but not the least, she says “dukurukurukutukalakkulakuk” when she wants to tell a story, explain something.


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