God’s little angels

I was eating lunch while watching Oprah while crying.

I rarely watch her show but nothing was on so there was nothing I can do but watch. The feature was about sex trafficking. They showed a bunch of little girls, around 7-10 years old from Cambodia and India. They are prostitutes. And did I mention that they are LITTLE girls? One scene that made me cry was the hidden camera segment.

u’re-going-2-hell-pimp: you want big girl, small girl?
f*ckd up @$$h0le: ermm..you have small…small girl?
u’re-going-2-hell-pimp: yes, yes we have small girl!!!! they will do all sex!!!

I was expecting 12-14 year-old girls (which already sickens me) but the 2 girls who came out are just barely 6 to 7 yrs old. They looked so little, and sweet and seem oblivious to what’s about to happen. The younger girl looked a bit like my Sandy and my heart went out to her. I lost my appetite and there was a huge lump in my throat. If I remember correctly, it costs $10 for an oral sex and these little girls get 20-30 customers a day.

These girls should be playing outside. They should be in school, studying and getting ready for the big world. Instead, they are being eaten alive.

I wish I can do something about it. I really do.


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