Happy Birthday Mi Amor!

Dec 10 was Sherwin’s 31st birthday. We celebrated by having dinner at Je Suis Gourmand at the Fort. Food was great. We had air-dried bacon with arugula salad, braised lamb shank and roasted veal. I forgot the exact names of the dishes so please bear with me. The place has a cozy atmosphere, softly lighted dining area and the noise level is low that you can hear each other without raising your voice. Most of the diners are foreigners and I noticed that almost all of the tables have more wine glasses than food. It made me wish that I could have 1 or 2 glasses as well. I’m still breastfeeding so my quota is about 1 glass of alcohol per day and I reached that already by ordering Heineken (how sophisticated, I know! lol) The night was very pleasant and I’d love to come back there again. Of course, dining out is always spectacular with Sherwin. ;) We both have a passion for good food (who doesn’t?) and I just love watching him taste dish after dish. It could almost make my night complete. Yes, ALMOST because there’s still dessert to look forward to. We had rhum and banana creme brulee and caramel souffle. It was divine! I just love sweets. In fact, next time, I’ll order creme brulee again and dark chocolate souffle just for myself. Then we’ll just get the assorted cold cuts and cheese and hopefully, 2-3 glasses of wine. Hayy sarap.

Happy Birthday bebi ko! Wishing to have all your dreams come true will be shooting for the moon. But I hope the day will come that you can give a speech just like William Parish (Meet Joe Black) and tell the world that you have everything that you need.


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