A Beach Holiday

Sherwin and I are both beach lovers. We’re not afraid of the sun. In fact, you can consider us sun-worshippers. The perfect getaway for us is this – lying down in a hammock or a beach chair, reading a book, and drinking a tropical shake while watching the waters hit the shore. We even invented our own beach holidays which is every September; Sandy’s birthday and November; our wedding anniversary. We make sure to spend three to four days in an island no matter how busy we are. It’s our way to de-stress and forget about our problems.

We have gotten very good in scouting for cheap flights and holiday offers to satisfy our beach addiction. One site that makes me come back for more is dialaflight.com. They have so many destinations to choose from – Bahamas, Bali, Barbados and those were just under the letter B. If things work out and I earn enough money from my sidelines, I’m thinking of booking a 7-night beach holiday at Fiji. It has been one of my dream destinations ever since. I hope that I can step in the sands of Soft Coral Capital of the World soon. And if we get lucky, we might get a room from the Westin Resorts & Spa. Talk about high-end accommodation!


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