On Secure Network Management

My friends and I always joke about how network administrators are like doctors. They’re always on call and the whole company depends on their ability to fix the problem. On some companies, a network problem even for just one day can lose them several clients. Uplogix, specialists on remote management solutions have come up with an alternative to fix a computer network without having to travel to a remote office or server. The new solution is called Uplogix Envoy. It delivers active and secure management that can effectively fix, automate, and simplify any network administration tasks. This remote management solution gives you total control, visibility and connectivity to remote networks even if it’s down. From active network management to automated maintenance tasks, to complete reports of all changes and service level monitoring, Envoy helps administrators get things up and running in no time.

Uplogix also offer Solaris Security, which can provide encrypted remote access, unparalleled authorization control, highly secure session management, and compliance reporting to optimize the secure management of your Solaris infrastructure.


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