Toys for the Big Boys

The Husband saw a painting ball area when we went to Tagaytay Highlands yesterday. He wanted to try it out but we’ve already booked too many activities for the entire afternoon so he wasn’t able to. I told him to just go with my brother next week and he agreed, but not after asking if he can buy himself a planet eclipse ego gun. So I checked the site today because I heard they sell affordable paintball gears. Boy was I shocked when I found out how much a paintball gun cost. And this is from a site that offers clearance items and free shipping. To be fair, they are really much cheaper than other stores but there’s just no way I’m letting him buy a toy worth $400 and up. I’ll just get him a cheap airsoft gun or a nice goggle or a sling. He agreed to the goggle so quick which made me wonder if I was manipulated in some way.


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