Birthday / Father’s Day Plans

If you’re reading my other blog, you’d know that it’s only a matter of two days before I say goodbye to my twenties. I usually feel depressed about it but now I’m embracing it. My dreams are starting to come true after all and the most important thing is that Sandy’s fever is totally gone. Thanks to the well wishers :) I don’t think I can enjoy my birthday if my number one fan is sick.

So for our weekend plans, I want a small shopping spree, pigging out sessions (still choosing between Spirals or Circles buffet) and a full body massage. The weather messed up our Baguio plans and the hotels in Makati are all booked so might as well spend all our budget on good food. For Father’s day, we’ll probably eat out again (what else!) while Sandy, I’m sure will lavish her Papa with praises. She’s a Papa’s girl now and even made her Papa a card without me telling her! I was so surprised when I heard her say “Papa this is a Father’s card for you”. The “card” has a drawing of her and her Papa with some letter stamps. It was so cute because she made it on her own and didn’t even ask for my help. Too bad she didn’t make one for my birthday!! But she gives me so many closed lip kisses that lasts for 15-20 seconds everyday so that’s enough for me.

Have a great weekend everyone and wash your hands everywhere you go!


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