Linggo ng Wika and Sandy’s Poem

To those of you who didn’t know, Sandy was asked to say a short poem in Tagalog in school for their Linggo ng Wika program. I thought she would have a hard time memorizing it but she was able to recite it with no help overnight. We had to correct the way she pronounces the words though and had to explain what they mean in English.

Ang paru-parong maganda

Lagi itong masigla

Araw at gabi’y nagsasaya

Kulay nito’y kaaya-aya

Maraming nahahalina

I did wonder why she was the only one asked to say a poem. To practice her Filipino maybe? All I can say is it’s really funny hearing her talk in Tagalog – “Ang paro-paruw, mageynda” “Lageh etoh maseygla”.

She was looking forward to saying her poem for days but when the exact moment arrived, she got tongue tied. Later on I found out it’s because my little Maria Clara saw someone’s Daddy and she didn’t like the way he looked. (She’s afraid of most men especially if they have long hair and goatee). Still, she recited her poem except her arms were crossed over her chest and her eyebrows very much resembled her father’s. The photos were blurred because I was trying to convince her to continue while trying to take her picture.

IMG_9596 IMG_9595

Aside from Sandy’s poem, the kids sang and danced to the tune of Bahay Kubo. Sandy again refused to join because “she didn’t like the Daddy”. I did manage to snap a few shots before she decided to leave her spot.

IMG_9599 IMG_9600

Here she is starting to get upset. She left her partner alone to dance by himself, poor boy! I was about to tell her to join her classmates but saw that the teachers already did their best to convince her. I don’t want to be like those parents who force their child when they are not comfortable doing something. But to be honest, I was really close.

IMG_9614 IMG_9615

Happy that the performances are over.

She got a Best in Art award by the way. Her artwork is below.



3 Responses to “Linggo ng Wika and Sandy’s Poem”

  1. Aggie on August 31st, 2009

    Tuwang tuwa ako ke Sandy. Pano kaya pagtanda nya Joy, ganun pa kaya sya ka-shy? Baka naman mas gusto na nya ung me goatee nyan. Hahahaha! Ung dancing part kitang kita mo me tantrum na eh. LOL

    Aggie’s last blog post..Baby Shower Invites at the Cards Shoppe

  2. kelly on August 31st, 2009

    sandy’s such a character. nakakatuwa talaga :) i’m imagining her reciting the poem haha

  3. jody on August 31st, 2009

    hahahaha! grabe kasi anak mo…slang na slang! hirap tuloy mag tagalog!

    jody’s last blog post..On a Monday Holiday‚Ķ

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