Lovin’ My Preggy Look

These photos were taken by Aggie, thanks girl!

Astoria-Party-Hosted-by-Trin (8)

Astoria-Party-Hosted-by-Trin (10) Astoria-Party-Hosted-by-Trin (16)

At least now I can show Sandy and her soon-to-be sister how I looked like when I was pregnant. Sandy used to ask why I don’t have pictures when I was pregnant with her. The main reason was because I looked so much like my brother that I’d rather not have my picture taken anymore. But now, at five months, I still look like me (not mentioning the extra pounds). I’ve temporarily said goodbye to eye wrinkle cream, facial cleansers and moisturizers too because my skin, if I may say so, has never looked so good. I just hope that I can maintain my healthy weight up to 8 months. It looks impossible though basing on my weight gain for the past 4 weeks. I’m thinking I may have to diet again when I reach my 7th month. Even now, I’m already having back pains and find it hard to get up, walk or bend down during night time. I know I need to schedule my trip to the treadmill any day now.


2 Responses to “Lovin’ My Preggy Look”

  1. Aggie on February 25th, 2010

    Oks lang talo talo maganda mga kuha ng asawa mo sa amin eh. LOL

  2. Vannie on February 26th, 2010

    love it! looking great joy :)

    ako din sa 2nd pregnancy early ako nagka backpains and such
    …sa 3rd tri (esp nung 8months na) super duper hirap na bumangon.

    Vannie’s last blog post..SupahFoods For The Hair

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