Our Trip to Balay Indang

We were so lucky we found a vacant room at Balay Indang in Cavite (20 minutes from Tagaytay) for Holy Thursday. I didn’t want to spend the Holy Week at home because of the weather plus I badly need a break from everything. I found Balay Indang from Anton’s blog, called them up and to my surprise, they still have one room left! We paid per head (Sandy was free) for 5 meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2 snacks. They have a pool, billiards table, karaoke and plenty of day beds, hammocks and meditation areas.


I think they were trying to replicate Sonya’s bed and breakfast with their gardens, wedding amenities, etc. Although the services are almost the same, Balay Indang is bigger and have more rooms, around 3-4 rooms per house. One thing they sure have in common are the bugs because of the plants, flowers surrounding the place.

Check out our food here and some of our photos below.

Balay-Indang-11 Balay-Indang-15

Balay-Indang-13 Balay-Indang-17

Balay-Indang-25 Balay-Indang-27
Before we eat lunch, we decided to walk around the place and have some photos taken on the day beds and hammocks.

Balay-Indang-43 Balay-Indang-42

Swimming after lunch. They were fully booked so I asked Sandy if she wanted to swim, knowing we might not have a chance to have the pool to ourselves later.


The resting area near the pool. Love this nook.

Balay-Indang-45 Balay-Indang-44

Took a nap after swimming. It was a very relaxing afternoon for me and I was so thankful we managed to snag a room even if it’s the peak season and we booked late.

Balay-Indang-58 Balay-Indang-61
When Sandy and I woke up, we explored some more. Found a billiards table and saw how huge the place really was.

Balay-Indang-62 Balay-Indang-63

More resting areas.

Balay-Indang-65 Balay-Indang-68
This looked like a tree house to me.

Balay-Indang-70 Balay-Indang-69


Drawing in one of the tables in the huge garden. The pool was filled this time so I was right to take an early swim before it gets too crowded.

Balay-Indang-94 Balay-Indang-91
Sandy loved the place! She kept saying how nice Tagaytay was and how fun that there were so many places to explore. As you already know, she’s our little critic when it comes to hotel accommodations. And although Balay Indang is far from a hotel, I have no doubt she’d love to go back with her baby sister next time.


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  1. kathycot on April 4th, 2010

    laki na ng tummy mo mare! :D

    parang ang sarap dyan. mas malapit yan dto samin! hehheehe

    kathycot’s last blog post..gone for the Holy Week

  2. Jen of helloviellobits.blogspot.com on August 22nd, 2011

    buffet lunch price is definitely worth it! every dish is delicious. this place is really beautiful! cant wait to go back!

    Jen of helloviellobits.blogspot.com’s last blog post..Change is constant

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