Moving and Catching Up

I chatted with a friend through Facebook today. I was so happy that they are finally moving to a bigger place in New Jersey. They need the space very much after having a baby plus they both agreed that raising a kid in a one-bedroom flat isn’t ideal anymore. I asked whether she hired one of those movers but she said they did it themselves and with a help of some friends. Since most of their furniture are for childless couples anyway, they had to sell and start anew. Whatever’s left was transferred back and forth using their 2nd hand SUV. When she mentioned this, I can’t believe how much she hasn’t changed. She’s always been careful with money which is probably why they finally got a nice property of their own.

Personally though, I’d hire a mover because how much would it really take? I’ve tried doing it my friend’s way before and believe me, it wasn’t fun. She said it could get a little expensive so I googled  Movers NYC and was not surprised to see plenty of listings that could keep me busy all day. I also came across a site – that lets you post a moving job for free and then receive several bids from competing movers. Then for each bid, you can read reviews and feedbacks, compare the costs and even change details any time. Posting is free and once you find your suitable mover, you’ll have to leave a review so other users can benefit from your experience. That’s what I love about the Internet. You can always find a cool service / product without ever leaving your desk.

Anyway, I hope we’d need one soon because that would only mean that we too, have found the house of our dreams.


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