On The Plus Side

I just receive another baby shower invite on the mail today. It’s my 3rd this month but I’m afraid I still won’t be able to make it. The thing is, Meg still refuses to take formula for when I’m outside only. We also couldn’t store milk anymore because one of our refrigerators broke down. In short, I’m on house arrest unless Meg comes with me to wherever I need to. Anyway, I know this phase will pass quickly so I’m not worried. I just regret not being able to join my friends’ shower parties. I’ll just make sure I order the plus size corsets that the bride-to-be requested. That or the two-piece, red lingerie that I saw on sale at the mall last week. This friend of mine is very proud of her curves so I’m pretty excited to shop for her honeymoon outfits.

Read More, Know More

It has been three years since I gave presents to my goddaughter in the US. She’s now 9 years old and since I have no idea what girls her age want, I asked her mom to send me a wishlist from her. Although there were dereon items (which I think is way too mature for her age), tween make-up kits and nail arts, I was very happy to note that she has several books listed as well. I love that she’s into books now knowing how she hated to study the last time I talked to her in person. So yes, I’m getting her all the titles that she wants to encourage her to read more. Soon she’ll have friends that might influence her to like other things but if she’s gotten so hooked about reading, then there’s nothing anybody could do to make her forget how fun books can be.

Zara Kids Lookbook

Lovin’ these outfits from Zara Kids. Too bad our weather is too warm for most of them. Still, I know it won’t stop my mother-in-law from shopping there for her precious granddaughters!

Catalogue 2010


image image

image image

The Benefits of Buying Clothes Online

Buying clothes online has become popular to find the unique styles you do not usually see in the stores. It is also very popular among people who live far away from their favorite store or do not live in a highly populated area. There are many reasons buy clothes online, but the biggest reason is convenience. For a person who knows their exact size in a certain brand, buying online is quick and you do not have to drive to the store to get your purchase. Read more

Keep Your Handbags and Shoes!

Many moms think that once they have their kids everything has to change. They feel that it is time to turn in their handbags for diaper bags, and great shoes for flip flops. Though some changes are necessary, to be honest, huge lifestyle changes are usually not needed.

For example, just because you may need to carry around a diaper bag now does not mean that you can’t have a gorgeous handbag. Sure, you can shove all of your stuff in the diaper bag along with the baby’s things, but what about those times that you head out without the baby? Whether it’s a day out with the girls or a night out with your husband, eventually you will go out without the baby. When this happens, you will regret not having a great purse or handbag with you. Read more

Great Time to Visit the Desert

They call it the Valley of the Sun for a reason. Mesa, Arizona boasts of an average temperature of 86 degrees and a trip to the desert sounds very good as the seasons change. There is so much to do that it is tough to plan a trip to the area and get it all in.

Besides the wonderful weather, Mesa is known for the natural attractions in the canyons of this city which is located in a suburb of Phoenix. Tours of the desert on horseback or by hummer are always favorites, and so are hot air balloon rides. The mountains provide a beautiful back drop for biking and hiking or river rafting. In addition to the outdoor activities, there is lots to do at night. Choose from fine dining, dinner theatre, and several sports bars for your evening entertainment.

Rental properties in the Mesa area are quite reasonable right now. The housing crisis means that are a number of vacant properties that are available to rent for a week or several months, depending on how long you are looking to stay. Mesa property management companies can help you scout out the best locations and find the best deals. Read more

The Most Delicious Teas

As a tea lover, I’m always looking for new flavors. Recently, while at my favorite café, I had a delicious blueberry rooibos that absolutely blew my taste buds away. I asked the barista where they had gotten it, and she gave me brochures for a company called Rishi Tea.

Since then, I’ve learned that Rishi has a wide range of unique flavors. Every one that I have tried has been just as impressive as that first cup of blueberry rooibos.

Rishi actually has lots of different types of teas. I’m a big fan of the caffeine-free blends because I can drink them at any time of the day or night without worrying about whether they will disrupt my sleep. The other types, however, are just as tasty. Some of the best types that I have had from Rishi include their green tea, white tea and yerba mate. Read more

Partying with the Princesses

Bela’s Princess Party – The Creamery

This party was actually for Sandy. :)

Let’s start with the venue. Since it was a little small if the parents will stay inside, I had to leave Sandy on her own. Good thing she let me, it was her first time too! I tried to check on her from time to time  but during the last part of the party, I saw that she’s doing fine with her friends. So I just let her be while I enjoyed the quiet time chatting with the mommies. Meg, as expected, slept through the party. Such a low maintenance baby! The kids/princesses had so much fun having their hair done, making their own ice cream, watching the magic and puppet show while hoarding tons of prizes, as always!

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I’m really glad we went to these parties. Sandy’s having some minor attention issues now that we have Meg so she needs a lot of time outside with kids her own age. We’re also planning on enrolling her to a ballet or art class so she can put some of her energy there. :)

Gearing up for Holiday Shopping

Some of the best shopping days of the year are right around the corner! The holiday shopping season means lots of crowds and best of all, lots of great deals. If you plan on starting your holiday shopping soon, this is my advice to make it a smoother, more enjoyable experience:

- Have a plan. If you are shopping on the major shopping days, like Black Friday, know in advance where you want to go and what you want to buy. Being organized will increase your chances of getting the items you want that tend to sell out quickly.

- Have a budget. No need to break the bank on holiday shopping. Make a budget ahead of time and stick with it. It’s easy to get caught up in the spirit of shopping and go overboard, but a budget can prevent that. Read more

Happy 5th Month Meg!

We celebrated Meg’s 5th month yesterday. Here are her photos with her Ate. She was being cranky before dinner but as soon as we changed her clothes, she got very excited and kept smiling at the camera.

5th-Meg-01 5th-Meg-02

5th-Meg-03 5th-Meg-05 5th-Meg-04

At 5 months, she can lie down on her tummy, roll around the bed without any assistance. She’s also starting to sit up, propped with pillows or with someone holding her arm. She looks at food and grabs them, so I’m thinking she’s about ready to have her first solids. Still a happy baby, always ready to laugh with anyone who’s willing to take time to play with her. Still not very good at sleeping through the night (or even 2 hours max) but always wakes up with a huge grin you just can’t help but forget about how tiring the previous night was.



Happy 5th Month Meg. We love you so much!

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