About Joy


Mabuhay! I’m Joy Reyes, a 27-year-old Filipina web designer who works from home. I am a mommy to my 20-month-old daughter who still breastfeeds and wife to Sherwin for almost four years now. My small family is the center of my life and I would give anything just to make them happy.


I love being in the spotlight, which explains my need to perform on stage, join art contests or just simply shine above others. I am both excited and fearful of the unknown thus my fascination with time travel, parallel dimensions, strange living things under the deepest part of the ocean, life beyond earth and anything that’s remotely close to magic. My greatest dream was either to become a supermodel or an astronomer.


I have a huge collection of books that I don’t read and a long to-do list that will never get done. I love to paint pretty pictures, go on road trips, have a smorgasbord with Sherwin, hang out at the beach and get sunburned, listen to alternative music, dance like nobody is watching, sing as if I’m American idol material, window shop for things that I will probably never buy and watch TV all day.


My Happy Place is a place that I go to when things are not going as planned. It is the shoulder of my husband whenever I need to cry, his strong hands when I’m tired, his gentle words when I am angry, his corny jokes and smart-ass remarks, his support and belief when I feel bad about myself. It is a room full of Sandy’s sweet kisses, tight hugs and loving voice. It is my home, regardless of the location and size, a place where I can hide and be myself.


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