Sandy’s Moving Up Day – Kinder – 2011

We are proud parents, once again. Sandy finished Kinder and got the following awards – Most observant, Best in English and Most Outstanding in class (Kinder). She gave a speech, which would normally make me so nervous but I just know she’ll do a great job and she did. She loves performing and public speaking now (probably got it from me ROFL) so when she went up on stage, all I felt was excitement for her. I was a little sad too that she’s growing too fast, too soon. (You’ll notice that she’s on pigtails. I guess that’s my small way of making her look like a baby.)

Anyway, here are the photos from their Moving Up Day.

 sandy-Kinder-Moving-Up sandy-Kinder-Moving-Up (1)

 sandy-Kinder-Moving-Up (2) sandy-Kinder-Moving-Up (3)

 sandy-Kinder-Moving-Up (8) sandy-Kinder-Moving-Up (11)

sandy-Kinder-Moving-Up (13)  sandy-Kinder-Moving-Up (12)

During her speech.

 sandy-Kinder-Moving-Up (15) sandy-Kinder-Moving-Up (17)

She danced Blue Suede Shoes, complete with twists and all. It was obvious that she was doing her best, sometimes even with her eyes closed. Both grandmothers were shouting with glee including yours truly. See the little me below. ;)

sandy-Kinder-Moving-Up (21) sandy-Kinder-Moving-Up (22)

sandy-Kinder-Moving-Up (26) sandy-Kinder-Moving-Up (27)

sandy-Kinder-Moving-Up (23)

Congratulations, Sandy. Again, we are so proud of you!

Room for Ate

I know I should be getting quotes from but I got distracted with these lovely kids’ beds. As you may know, we are slowly turning the other room into Sandy’s bedroom. This means we’re planning on repainting the walls, buying cute but hopefully affordable furniture like bed and lamp shades and lastly, find a space for all the junk that The Husband has accumulated for the past year.

Here’s my top three:

My Two Girls

I just love having two girls! I know I almost cried when the ultrasound showed a “burger” because I wanted to have a boy so bad. But I couldn’t remember that feeling anymore now that we have Meg. It’s like I’ve always wanted to have two girls! Especially when I see them playing together. Sandy loves taking care of her sister even if Meg wants to do nothing but wrestling or jumping on the bed, with her big sister on it.

IMG_3167 IMG_3164

Looks like we have a fighter in Meg. I’m glad that she is strong because she seems to be rubbing off some of her personality to her Ate who has always been a girly girl. Lately, it’s hard to put them down for a nap at the same time. Meg will be closing her eyes while she breast feeds but then she’ll hear a sound from her Ate which will make her want to wake up and play. On the other hand, when Sandy is about to sleep, Meg will somehow feel this, smile a naughty smile and then crawl all over her ate’s sleepy form. In short, our afternoons are never peaceful. Most of the time, it ends up with me being the bad guy. Which is why I just let them be unless I could see that they are starting to get cranky from lack of rest.

Holiday 2010 Roundup – Christmas Dinner / Eve

This year, we decided to just order food instead of my mother-in-law slaving in the kitchen and ending up very tired to enjoy dinner at all. We weren’t able to find a nice restaurant delivery service but luckily, Contis, who only accepts pick-ups was still available.

Photos from our Christmas Eve dinner
My only wish every year is to have a decent family photo. So imagine my frustration when first, Sandy threw a tantrum and 2nd, she and the Husband had allergies so their eyes were both funny looking. Still, when I looked at the photos, I could say that it’s authentic. They are far from perfect but they are exactly who we are. Amazing how finished photos can give you another perspective. Looking at them, I could say I have everything I could ask for.

IMG_2370 copy IMG_2378

Just look at Meg and Sandy. They just crack me up with their couldn’t-care-less poses. :)

IMG_2376 copy

A shot of the little Princess right before her major breakdown.


Man, all I can remember from this shot is how I realized how hard it is to have two kids. And yet if ever I get a chance to do it all over again, I know I wouldn’t change a thing.

Some of the nicer ones.

IMG_2327 IMG_2331

IMG_2343 IMG_2351

Already in the mood because she can pose with her cousin Chloe. She also whispered to me “Mommy, I want to give you your wish” which automatically made me feel guilty about throwing a tantrum myself. ;)

Me with the Chubameg


Opening of gifts. My favorite part.

IMG_2391 IMG_2399

Sandy wrote to Santa and asked for Beados. I love how she thanked Santa first before asking for what she wants. She even wrote a letter for Meg too.

IMG_0820 IMG_0819

However, she was worried that she will not get her Pinypons because she didn’t include it on her letter to Santa. Which is why when she saw what her cousin Chloe got (2 Pinypons from us), she shrugged and said, “it’s okay, I know they are Pinypons” in a very adult manner. The Husband told me to give her our gift since we could see that she was struggling not to go to Chloe to check out her pinypons. When she saw the shape of what we’re about to give her, she knew immediately what it was. Which explains the kiss below.

IMG_2419 IMG_2422

Happy ate Sandy.

IMG_2443 IMG_2444

Sandy’s: From Santa – beados. Cousin Chloe’s: One of the pinypons from us.

IMG_2416 IMG_2399
With their Playdoh sets.

IMG_2459 IMG_2438

Meg with her puppy, Violet. Love this puppy. It sings, talks and says, “I love you, Meg”

The girls enjoying their gifts the next morning.

IMG_2494 IMG_2486


IMG_0911 IMG_0914

A very Merry Christmas, indeed.

Holiday 2010 Roundup – Christmas Eve

For Christmas eve, since we have a baby (who also had a slight fever the night before) and couldn’t stay out late, we decided to have simple celebrations. We visited my father in Sampaloc then had a pre-Christmas lunch with him. He was very happy to see Meg and Sandy because it’s been a while since they saw each other. Meg, as always, charmed her grandpa while Sandy showed him every game that she likes from her iTouch.

IMG_0896 IMG_0894

IMG_0903 IMG_0891

After the short lunch, we went to my brother’s house in Banaue. I’m so glad Sandy is big enough to take care of herself. I didn’t have to mind her at all so I was able to get a few minutes rest. She used the videoke with her ate Gabby, played with her scooter and just basically had an amazing time. Meg, on the other hand, was too pumped to sleep as she watched her ate and cousins play. Luckily, her fever didn’t return so she “enjoyed” the festivities as well.

IMG_1589IMG_1590 copy


All girls.

IMG_1599 IMG_1600

Sandy had so much fun that she didn’t want to go home. She agreed but only if we take her ate Gabby with us. She said she’s tired of having adults as her playmates, poor her. Good thing cousin Chloe will be spending Christmas Eve at our place so she reluctantly agreed to go home.

To be continued …

Own Space

I was supposed to be shopping for cutting tools but then a twitter alert made me check out a web site for kids furniture. Before Sandy and Meg, I used to wish that I have plenty of funds to buy designer handbags or gadgets. But now, having rooms such as below is the only thing I can think of. Imagine being able to give your kids a room like this? I don’t know about Meg yet but I’m positive Sandy will be over the moon. In fact, having her own room is the only thing she can talk about too. Not that she’d actually sleep in it at night but it’s a nice option to have your own space for playing and studying, don’t you think?





First Tooth Out

Sandy lost her first tooth last night. When she woke up, she was disappointed to see that the tissue paper used to cover the tooth was still under her pillow. She was about to cry so I told her to open it and when she saw what’s inside, she happily shouted – “Wow, she came! The tooth fairy came! My tooth is gone and she left one million pesos!”. Upon inspecting closely, “ooh, it’s twenty pesos pala”. (sorry, cheap si tooth fairy :D )

I just snagged this from my FB wall but will update it as soon as I get a chance!

A Photo Shoot with my Girls

IMG_9115 copy

IMG_9158 copy2 IMG_9127 copy

IMG_9082 copy

IMG_9062 copy IMG_9069 copy

I can’t believe I’m only posting this now. We had this shoot the morning after our Christmas party with Dakulpipol. We didn’t have time to change Meg’s outfit since we didn’t want to ruin her mood. As for her Ate, well, she’s starting to differentiate nice shots from blurred ones so she cooperated. The Husband was actually just playing with the camera but when we saw how nice the lighting was, we decided to do a mini-shoot.

I just can’t stop staring at these! Sandy looks like a little lady and our very own Chuba-meg is just adorable with her trademark big, toothless grins. Beats paying expensive photo shoots when The Husband is feeling inspired.

Partying with the Princesses

Bela’s Princess Party – The Creamery

This party was actually for Sandy. :)

Let’s start with the venue. Since it was a little small if the parents will stay inside, I had to leave Sandy on her own. Good thing she let me, it was her first time too! I tried to check on her from time to timeĀ  but during the last part of the party, I saw that she’s doing fine with her friends. So I just let her be while I enjoyed the quiet time chatting with the mommies. Meg, as expected, slept through the party. Such a low maintenance baby! The kids/princesses had so much fun having their hair done, making their own ice cream, watching the magic and puppet show while hoarding tons of prizes, as always!

149945_10150090667142803_630537802_7135002_4061837_n 150846_10150090666292803_630537802_7134967_6501470_n

5195069951_aba0a50a7b_b 5195663008_0e81e5ef2f_z

I’m really glad we went to these parties. Sandy’s having some minor attention issues now that we have Meg so she needs a lot of time outside with kids her own age. We’re also planning on enrolling her to a ballet or art class so she can put some of her energy there. :)

Too Expensive For Kids

It seems every little boy I know has a psp these days. Kids are so lucky they can have toys that are as expensive as my previous mobile phone! I was close to buying Sandy her own psp too when I saw how she enjoys playing with her uncle’s. But then I realize at the last minute that it’s too pricey for a kid her age. She was only four at the time, after all. Also, whenever the Husband wants something for the same price, we discuss and compute our budget before we decide if we’ll even buy it. But when it comes to Sandy, all reasoning goes out of the window. Luckily, I was able to restrain myself. And I know I did the right thing after reading this article on how we should help the kids to maximize their creativity by giving them toys where they can pretend, build and think.

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